Yelena Ambartsumian (undertheacrylic) wrote in parterre,
Yelena Ambartsumian

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I hope that the nature of this post does not offend anyone. However, the nature of this art definitely offends me!

Nathalia Edenmont is an artist who kills animals (cats, rabbits, mice, etc.) and then mutilates their bodies for the sake of art. She has been featured in exhibits, such as the Wetterling Gallery, in Sweden.
Personally, I think that the style of this "art" is purely based on shock value. If she can stir up a controversy, she gets famous. No?

Here is a link to her "artwork." (WARNING, CONTENT MAY BE OFFENSIVE)

The Wetterling Gallery's Justification of her work:

Link to a petition against her art.

I think that it's okay to have justified opinions against someone's artwork.
While I am not saying that she should stop "expressing herself" (no one should be stripped of that freedom), I do strongly disagree with what she is doing to animals.

And again, I'm sorry if this post has disturbed you; I have trouble keeping quiet about things which I truly belive to be wrong.
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