Yelena Ambartsumian (undertheacrylic) wrote in parterre,
Yelena Ambartsumian

Children of Famine
6 by 5 feet
Acrylic Paint on Discarded Billboard Poster

I didn't like what I had, so I painted over it.- Decided to start with a new color pallette.

And then I took some ideas from the pictures of Harrisburg and NYC, which I've been collecting over the past two months.

With painting, I usually pick a title or truism and work the piece around the words. While I was doing the background, I realized that I should put some newspaper down. On one of the sheets, there was a picture of a dirty boy with a dark face, and the caption read "Children of Famine." Famine does not only deal with starvation due to lack of food; it can be interpretted as a major lack of something else. In the case of this piece, our lives are completed by luxury, cities are full of people, but despite all of this, (to me) there is a huge lack of human feeling/emotion/sincerity/and caring. Every time that I walk down the streets of Harrisburg, I can't help but smile or wave as someone walks past me. It's just natural to acknowledge someone's presence. And it hurts my feelings that the person who receives my warmth feels awkward from it and continues to stare down at the sidewalk, getting lost between buildings, walking to his/her destination.

Suggestions are welcome.

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